Papers of Jock Haston, including records of the revolutionary Communist Party and other Trotskyist groups



DJH/1 Communist League: British Section- International Left Opposition (Bolshevik-Leninists), 1933 - 1934

DJH/2 Bolshevik-Leninists (mainly Militant Group)

DJH/3 Militant Labour League

DJH/4 Marxist League

DJH/5 Marxist Group

DJH/6 Revolutionary Workers League

DJH/7 Socialist Workers Group

DJH/8 Revolutionary Socialist Party, Edinburgh

DJH/9 Revolutionary Socialist Party, Dublin

DJH/10 Militant Workers Federation, Glasgow

DJH/11 Building Workers Campaign Committee

DJH/12 Colonial Marxist League (Trotskyist)

DJH/13 Revolutionary Socialist League

DJH/14 Workers International league

DJH/15 Revolutionary Communist Party

DJH/16 Movements in the United States of America

DJH/17 The Fourth International: general and international

DJH/18 The Trotsky Defence Committee, 1936 - 1938

DJH/19 The Anti - Labour Laws Victims Defence Committee, 1944

DJH/20 Education and the National Council of Labour Colleges

DJH/21 Toussaint l'Ouverture [CLR James]

DJH/22 Anti - Fascism

DJH/23 Independent Labour Party

DJH/24 Labour Party

DJH/25 Communist Party of Great Britain

DJH/26 Industry

DJH/27 Africa / Racial discrimination

DJH/28 Automation

DJH/29 Association of Cinematograph Television and Allied Technicians 10th Weekend School, 1963

DJH/30 Miscellaneous parties and groups

DJH/31 Miscellaneous