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Elliot Anthony Morley was born in Liverpool on 6 July 1952. He attended St Margaret's C of E High School in south Liverpool and received a BEd from Hull College of Education. He was a teacher for twelve years (1975-1987) rising to the post of Head of Special Needs at Greatfield High School in Hull. He married Patricia Hunt in 1975 in Hull where he was a Labour Councillor representing the Drypool Ward (1979-1986) where he served as Chair of the City's Transport Committee.

He represented the Labour Party as MP for Glanford and Scunthorpe (1987-1997) and then Scunthorpe (1997-2010). He was an active campaigner on environmental issues having been Shadow Minister for Fisheries, Countryside & Animal Welfare (1989-1997) he then served as Fisheries Minister (1997-2003) and then Minister for Environment and Climate Change (2003-2006), he also served as Chairman of the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee. He left this post and was expelled from the Privy Council in April 2011 and stripped of his Honorary Fellowship from the Institution of Civil Engineers due to the expenses scandal.

In 2009, he was accused by The Daily Telegraph of continuing to claim Parliamentary expenses for a mortgage that had already been repaid. Morley was prosecuted and in April 2011 pleaded guilty in the Crown Court at Southwark to two counts of false accounting, involving over £30,000. On 20 May 2011, he was sentenced to 16 months imprisonment and was released from prison on 20 September 2011 having served one-quarter of his sentence.

Elliot Morley has also acted as Honorary Vice President of the Association of Drainage Authorities and Wildlife and Countryside Link and Honorary President of North Lincolnshire Royal Society for the Protection of Animals. He holds an Honorary Fellowship from the University of Lincoln for services to nature conservation and is a former President of the Hull Teachers Association.

The material consists of constituency papers and case files which are subject to access restrictions.