Correspondence between A T Tolley (in Canada) and P A Larkin (in Hull)



Admin History:
Arnold Trevor Tolley was born in Birmingham on 15 May 1927 and educated at King Edward's School, Birmingham and Queen's College Oxford. He has taught at a number of universities including in Finland (1955-1961), Australia (1961-1965) and was professor of Comparative Literature at Carleton University in Canada (1967-1996). He has published a number of books on Larkin including Larkin at Work (1997) a detailed study of all of Philip Larkin's Workbooks and Early Poems and Juvenilia, by Philip Larkin (2005). He was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature in 1998.
Correspondence discussing Philip Larkin's poems including early workbooks and discussion of Tolley's drafts. There are also three letters to/from Margaret Elliot in the wake of Larkin's death.