Further information about the technical aspects behind this online catalog.


The local studies library material is catalogd using SIRSIDynix Symphony software and the data is then exported as XML using one of their standard report formats.

The archives material is catalogd using Axiell’s CALM software and each collection is then exported as EAD using a slightly modified version of the Archives Hub EAD export routine.

The data is then brought together and merged into a Solr index, this behind the scenes work was undertaken for us by Data Curation Experts


The data is presented through the use of the Blacklight software, originally developed at the University of Virginia Library, but is now an open source Ruby on Rails gem. It uses Apache Solr as the basis for its search engine.

The display templates were based on the work undertaken to use Blacklight for the University of Hull library catalog and then modified to accommodate History Centre


Particular thanks for assistance with this project go to:

  • Mark Bussey, Alicia Cozine, Justin Coyne and Valerie Maher at Data Curation Experts
  • Nicki Lake at SIRSI
  • Chris Awre, Simon Lamb and Richard Garbutt at the University of Hull