Ledger LA

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L DBFA/1/1
1844-Apr 1857

Ledger entries 1 to 173. Includes an index to churches and individuals in this volume.

The volume includes entries relating to:-

Adlingfleet Church, 1857, pp.172-173; Albion Chapel, 1844-1846, p.1; Aldbro Church, 1846, p.32; Alford Church, 1850, p.90; Allington Church, near Grantham, 1849, p.84; Anaston Church, 1853, p.130; Atwick Church, 1856, pp.171-172

Bannister Esq, 1846, p.42; Bar Church Scaboro, 1851, p.110; Barkby Church, 1849, p.79; Barrowby Church, (near Grantham), 1849, p.83; Barwick In Elmet Church, 1856, p.169; Bassingham Church, 1854, p.150; Beetham Church, 1854, p.152; Bethel Chapel, Hull, 1854, p.143; Beverley Ministor, 1846-1849, p.39; Bingley Church, 1850, p.91; Bishop Norton, near Kirton, 1854, p.148; Bowlalley Lane Chapel, Hull 1845-1847, p.29; Bradford Church Boy's School, J. G. Walton, 13 Pockovork Street, Bradford, 1853, p.131; Bridlington Priory Church 1851-1852 and 1857, p.108; Broughton Church, 1847, p. 64; Burstwick Church, 1852-1853, p.113

C Wind Esq, 1851, p.109; C Winn Esq, 1851, page between 127-128; Caistor Church, 1846, p.50; Captain Symons, 1846, p.43; Cheltenham Independant, 1852-1854, p.121; Christ Church, Hull, 1852, p.126; Christ's Church, Newark, 1847, p.58; Cleethorpes Church, 1852, p.120; Cockermouth Church, 1855-1856), p.158; Colstorworth Church, 1853, p.140; Coningsby Church, near Boston, 1854, p.147; Conisborough Church, 1847, p.63

Debating Society, 1846, last page; Dent Church, near Kendal, 1854, p.145; Derby Independent Chapel, 1846-1848, p.34; Dr. Camidge, 1849-1850 and 1852, pp.96-97; Dr. Coles, Honington, 1845-1846 and 1852-1854, p.24; Drypool Church, Hull, 1845-1847, p.20

Ebenezer Chapel, Keighley, 1856, p.163; Epworth Church, 1849-1851, p.82

Ferriby, 1846-1847, p.53; Fish Street Chapel, Hull, 1853, p.132

Gainsboro' Independant Chapel, 1849, p.78; Gamston Church, 1856, p.170; Glasgow, United Presbytorian, 1856, p.167; Goole Wesleyan Chapel, 1847-1848 and 1859, p.66; Grantham Church, 1845-1846, p.21; Grantham Independant, 1846-1847, p.36; Great Chart Church, 1854, p.149; Great Powton, Near Grantham, 1848-1852, p.67; Grismby, Humber Lodge Freemasons, 1845, p.35

Halifax, Pelton Lane Baptist Chapel, 1853, p.142; Harlaxton Church, 1856, p.171; Hatfield Church, 1849-1850, p.80; Haworth Baptist, 1851, p.106; Heckmondewike Upper Indepedent Chapel, 1884, p.151; Hessle Church 1846-1863, p.48; Hessle Church, [All Saints], 1846, p.48; Hook Church, Near Goole, 1854, p.144; Hornsea Church, 1853, p.134; Hull Catholic Chapel, 1846-1855, p.45; Hull, George Street Chapel, 1844-1847, p.9; Hull, Great Thornton Street Chapel, 1846-1847, p.40; Hull, Hnutarian Chapel, 1845, p.10; Hull, Holy Trinity, 1845-1861, p.30; Hull, Holy Trinity, 1855, p.157; Hull, Hope Street Chapel, 1856, p.164; Hull, Kingston Chapel, 1847, p.59; Hull, Low Church, 1845-1863, p.22; Hull, Mariners Church, 1846-1850, p.43; Hull, Sculcoates Church, 1848, p.72; Hull, South Street Chapel, 1850-1852, p.94; Hull, St. Paul's, 1852-1854, p.116; Hull, St. Stephen's 1845-1851, p.14; Hull, St. James Church, 1845, p.12; Hull, St. Mark's, 1846, p.33; Hull, Waltham Street Chapel, 1844-1858, p.8; Hungorton Church, Reverend Knight, 1849-1850, p.85; Hunmanby Church, 1846, p.47; Huttoft Church, 1851, p.103

Idle Church, 1850-1851, p.86; Iverton Church, 1851, p.112

Keyingham Church, 1852, p.118; Kirkstall Church, 1850, p.93

Laceby Church, 1852, p.123; Lady Nellthorpe, 1846, p.38; Leeds, Saint Mathew's, 1885, p.153; Leeds, St. Ann's, 1847-1848, p.65; Leeds, St. Patrick's, 1847, p.65; Leiecester, St. Margaret's, 1849-1850, p.76; Lincoln Cathedral, 1845, p.4; Lincoln, Christ Hospital, 1849, p.52; Lincoln, Mint Lane Chapel, 1846-1847, p.51; Lincoln, St. Martin's, 1845, p.16; Lincoln, St. Peter's Eastgate, p.17; Lincoln, St. Swithin's, 1845-1846, p.15; Longnor Church, 1852, p.117; Louth Parish Church, 1846, p.41; Luton, Union Chapel, 1856, p.166

Market Rasen Church, 1854, p.146; Miss Astey, 1845-1854, At End of Volume; Miss Wright, 1850, p.87; Mr Adcock (Deceased), 1845/1846, p.2; Mr Charlton, Molbourne, 1853, p.133; Mr. Doughty , p.51; Mr. Doy, 11 East Parade, 1846, between pages 42-43; Mr. Gittens, Hull, 1853, p.138; Mr. H. Casson, 1845-1846, p.27; Mr. Harris, 1846-1851, p.54; Mr. Harston, Newyarik, 1847, p.60; Mr. Hartley, Haworth, 1851, p.111; Mr. Holgate, Thorton Curtis, 1845, p.13; Mr. Horwood, Hull, 1847-1850, p.69; Mr. Jameson, 1844, p.6; Mr. Jeff, 1846, At End of Volume; Mr. Joseph Ogilvie, manufacturing chemist, 1853, between pages 141-142; Mr. Lamprey, 1844-1847, p.11; Mr. Reinherdt, 1846-1855, p.55; Mr. Roberts Misterton, 1857, p.173; Mr. Sales, 1850, p.92; Mr. Shackles, 1845, p.26; Mr. Short, Grantham, 1851, p.100; Mr. Storry, 1845-1852, p.28; Mr. Wilkinson, 1845-1852, at end of volume; Mrs. Brailsford's, 1846-1847, p.61; Mrs. Hutton, Gate Burton, 1847-1848, p.56; Mrs. Parker, Grantham, 1845, p.23

Newark, St. Mary's, 1847-1853, p.57; North Sheilds, St. Andrew's Chapel, 1853, p.141; Norwich Cathedral, between 159-160; Nottingham Independent, 1846, p. 37

Oswald Smithson Esq Blossom St. York Trinity Church, 1851-1862, p.101; Otley, Salem Chapel, 1846-1851, p.46; Otley, Salem Chapel 1856, p.160; Owersby Church, 1849, p.75

Pennington Church, 1855, p.155; Pontefract Independent, 1853-1854, p.136; Pudleston Court, Herefordshire, 1851, p.102

Ramsey, St. Paul's Church, 1852, p.122; Retford Wesleyan, 1851, p.119; Rev Hugall, 1844-1845, p.3; Reverend Newmarsh, 1844-1846, p.5; Reverend Tempest Grantham, 1845, p.25; Reverend Jennings, Anaston, 1856, p.172; Reverend Parsons, Hedon, 1844-1845, p.7; Reverend Sykes Foxholse, 1847, p.62; Rimswell Chapel, 1852, p.127; Rudstone Church, 1850-1853, p.95

Saint Mary, Barton, 1856, p.165; Scarborough Church, 1850-1852, p.77; Scarborough Church Christ, 1852, p.124; Scarborough Street Sepulchre Meeting, 1855, p.156; Selby Church, 1846-1852, p.49; Shiply And Cotmanhay Church, 1848, p.71; Skirlaugh Church, 1846-1857, p.44; South Elkington Church, 1848, p.70; South Kesley Church, Reverend Horbort Brewstor, 1853, p.137; South Ossett Church, 1852, p.129; St. Augustines, Hedon, 1845-1854, p.19; St. Johns, Beverley, 1850, p.98; St. Peter, Barton-on-Humber, 1856-1859, p.161; St. Peter's, Derby, 1952, p.125; St. Thomas, Douglas, Isle of Man 1852-1865, p.113; Stapenhill Church, 1852, p.128; Staunton Church, 1852, p.114; Sutton Coldfield, 1853, p.135; Swing Church, 1845-1847, p.31

Tansley Church, 1850, p.89; Trinity Church Louth, 1846-1847, p.42 (first entry); Tutbury Independent, 1856, p.162

Victoria Street Chapel, Derby, 1840-1849, p.73

W. A. Cross, Esq. Grimsargh Near Preston, 1850-1862, p.99; Waltham Church, 1849, p.74; Welton House, 1851, p.107; West Butterwick Church, 1848, p.68; Whitby St. John's, 1851, p.105; Willoughby Church, 1856, p.168; Wootton Church, 1851, p.104; Workington St. Johns, 1855, p.154; Workington St. Michael's, 1855, p.159; Wragby Church, 1845-1846, p.18

York Minster Repairs, 1850-1857, p.88; York Trinity Church, Oswald Smithson Esq, Blossom St. York, 1851-1862, p.101; York, St. Mary's Convent, 1849, p.81.

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