Ledger LB

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L DBFA/1/2
Jun 1857-Oct 1864

Ledger entries 174 to 305. There is no index for this volume.

The volume includes entries relating to:-

Aberford Church, 1862, p.253; Alford Wesleyan, 1857, p.180; All Saint's, Derby, 1860, p.232; Appleby Church, 1860, pp.220 & 275

Barkstone Church, near Botesford, 1862, p.263; Beckingham Church, 1858, p.185; Beverley Road Wesleyan Chapel, Hull, 1862, p.264; Bishop Auckland Church, 1862, p.265; Bottersford Church, 1859, p.213; Bradford, St. Thomas Church, p.303; Brandesburton Church, 1857, p.176; Brassington Church, 1859, p.205; Burbage Church, near Buxton, 1862, p.262; Burton Christ Church, 1859, p.206; Burton Parish Church, 1859, p.208

C Tooth Esq, Tutbury, 1860-1861, pp.228 & 236; Caistor Weslyan, 1860, p.231; Carlton Church, 1863, p.279; Castle Donnington Church, 1858, p.187; Clowes's Chapel, 1859, p.212; Conventry, Holy Trinity Church, 1861, p.248; Cottingham Church, 1859-1861, p.224

Derby, St. Alkmunds, p.194; Douglas, Well Road Chapel, 1861, p.247

Edwinstowe Church, 1862, p.258; Epworth Monumental Chapel, 1862, p.261

George St. Chapel, Burton, 1863, p.286; Glasgow, John Street Chapel, 1863, p.283; Glasgow, United Presbytorian, 1857, p.183; Glentham Church, 1863, p.270, Grantham Wesleyan, 1857, p.175; Great Horton, Wesley Place Congregational Chapel, 1863, entry: 284; Greenock Town Hall, 1862, p.250; Gresley Church, 1861, p.240; Grove Chapel, Gomersal, 1864, p.293

Haley Hill Church, 1889, p.214; Hatfield Church, 1857, p.177; Henry Robertson, Esq Glasgow, 1859, p.202; Her Majesty's Communiors International Exhibition, 1862, p.259; Heydour Church, Linconshire, 1858, p.190; Hill Top Wesleyan, 1859, p.207; Hinchliffe Mill Wesleyan, 1857, p.178; Houghton-Le-Spring Church, 1863, p.278; Hull, George Street Chapel, 1860-1862, p.230; Hull, Mariners Church, 1861, p.244; Hull, St. Stephen's, 1860, p.222; Hull, Tabernach Chapel, 1862-1863, p.255

Isle of Man, Andreas Church, 1863, p.271

J. B. Morgan Esq, Beech Cottage, Wavertree, 1863, p.273; Jersey St. Mary's, 1858, p.189; Jerusalem Chapel, Derby, 1860, p.238

Kennington school, 1860, p.221; Kirkella Church, 1860, p.223; Kirlby Lonsdale Church, 1863, p.277; Knaresbro, Trinity church, 1861, p.241

Lastingham Church, 1857, p.181; Leicestor Congregational, London Road, 1858, p.188; Leicestor Trinity Church, 1858, p.192; Leicestor, St. Mary's, 1860-1863, p.234; Lezayre Church, Isle of Man, 1862, p.256; Lincoln St. Mary, 1858, p.196; Lord Muncaster, Warter Priory, 1864, p.289; Louth Baptist Chapel, 1860, p.226; Louth, St. Mary's, 1864, p.304; Lowick Church, 1861, p.242; Luddendenfoot Independent Chapel, West Yorkshire, 1860, p.229; Lymm church, 1958, p.184

Maidstone, St. John's Church, 1860, p.239; Malton, St. Leonard's, 1859, p.200; Mr. Atkinson, Hull, 1859, p.216; Mr. Morton, Alford 1860, p.225; Mr. Mylrea, Douglas, 1863, p.272; Mr. Newbitt, Epworth, 1861, p.246

New Mill Church, 1857, p.174; Newark Indepedent, 1859, p.204; Newark Wesleyan, 1858, p.191; Newark, Christ Church, 1858, p.199; Newcastle Christ Church, 1864, p.302; Newhall Church, near Burton on Trent, 1864, p.288; Nicholas Square Chapel, Edinburgh, 1864, p.300

Old Bolingbroke, 1861, p.243; Old Shildon Wesleyan, 1861, p.245; Owston Church, Near Ferry, Bawtry, 1864, p.297

Pentrich Church, 1860, p.219; Peter Coates Esq, Woodside house, Paisley, 1858, p.193; Pottoridge Park School near Barnet, 1862, p.254; Prudoe Street Chapel, Newcastle, 1864, p.295

Ramsey, St. Clare's, 1864-1865, p.291; Rawmarsh Wesleyan, 1860, p.233; Reverend J. E. C. Oss, Appleby Vicarage, 1864, p.287; Richmond Church, Yorkshire, 1862, p.260; Rothwell Church, Reverend J. G. Overton near Caistor, 1857, p.182; Ryde Trinity Church 1864, p.294)

S Collingham Church, 1863, p.268; Saint Just Wesleyan Chapel Cornwall, 1864, p.296; Saxton Church, 1859, p.209; Scarborough Jubilee Chapel, 1863, p.269; Selby Wesleyan Chapel, 1863, p.285; South Kyme near Sleaford, 1861, p.243; South Muskham Church, 1859, p.201; South Sheilds. Holy Trinity Church, 1863, p.267; Southwick Church, 1864, p.301; Spridlington Church, Lincolnshire, 1859, p.217; St. Luke's, Bradford, 1863, p.276; St. Mary's, Ware, 1862, p.266; St. Andrews R.C. Dundee, 1864, p.299; St. Edmonds Catholic Church, Clifford, 1863-1868, p.280; St. Michael's, Alnwick, 1863, p.262; Stilton Church, 1862, p.251; Sudbrooke Church, 1864, p.290; Sutton Church near Hull, 1859, p.215; Sutton Scarsdale Church, 1863, p.281

Tadcaster Wesleyan, 1860, p.235; Thornton Church, 1859, p.210; Trinity Church, Coventry, 1862-1865, p.252

Ventnor Church, St. Catherine's, 1859, p.198; Victoria Chapel, Derby, 1860-1861, p.237

W. Dawber, Esq, Thurgarton, 1858, p.195; Wales Church, 1858, p.197; Walkeringham Church, 1864, p.292; Weston Turville Church Buckinghamshire, 1859, p.205; Whitefiel Church, Glossop, 1859, p.218; Whixley Church, 1862, p.257; Wigan, St. Thomas, 1859, p.203; Willsden Independent Chapel, 1863, p.274; Winteringham Church, 1864, p.298; Wirksworth Church, 1861, p.249; Withcote Church, 1857, p.179; Wooler St. Ninians, 1960, p.227

York Blue Coat Schools, 1858, p.186; York St Wilfrid R. C., 1864, p.305; York, W. Gray Esq, 1859, p.211.

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