Records of The Charterhouse, Hull



The first accession of Charterhouse records consists of nine series of records and include:

C WT/1 The Endowments of the Charity: property in Hull, Hessle & Cottingham, Apr 1269-Jan 1984

C WT/2 Leases, Nov 1410-Sep 1990

C WT/3 Miscellaneous documents relating to the ownership and administration of property, Jul 1711-May 1986

C WT/4 The government and management of the charity, Mar 1383-Nov 1981

C WT/5 Correspondence, 1832-Dec 1985

C WT/6 Financial records, 1581-Dec 1984

C WT/7 The Master and Brethren, Apr 1428-Oct 1976

C WT/8 Miscellaneous, c.18th century-1906

C WT/9 Records relating to the Carthusian Monastery of St. Michael, May 1385-1984

The second accession consists of 6 series of records and include:

C WT2/1 Papers relating to Trustees Meetings, Sep 1979-Mar 2009

C WT2/2 Financial Records, Mar 1871-Dec 2003

C WT2/3 Records relating to the government and management of the Charterhouse, Mar 1881-Aug 2011

C WT2/4 Records relating to property owned by the Charterhouse, Oct 1958-Dec 2012

C WT2/5 Records relating to services held at the Chapel, Jan 1973-Mar 2014

C WT2/6 Records relating to publications regarding the Charterhouse, Jan 1852-Sep 2016