Records of The Charterhouse, Hull



Admin History:

A Carthusian Priory, the Maison Dieu, was founded in 1378 by Michael de la Pole with almshouses for 13 poor men and 13 poor women. In 1383 these were separated with the latter becoming the Hull Charterhouse. The Charter of 1384 established that the Master would have a dwelling near the hospital. After the dissolution of the monasteries, the governance of the Charterhouse passed to the Corporation of Hull. The advowson, or right to appoint the Master, was forfeited by his descendants and granted to Hull Corporation in 1552.

During the 18th Century the buildings rapidly deteriorated so that in 1777 the whole place was pulled down and rebuilt at a cost totalling more than £3,500. The third hospital, erected by Master Bourne, consisted of the present Master's House on the south side of the street, and the main building on the north side, which is now called the Old House.The Chapel was incorporated into the centre of this new building. The building, now called Bourne House, was added in 1804 and during the 19th Century many more blocks were added to house the increasing number of patients.

Under an order of the Charity Commission of 1901 the Charterhouse was recognised under a Board of Trustees and a clerk was appointed to the Trustees. In 1978 work began on building 18 new flats to house residents of the Charterhouse. The Chapel also had to be restored and in 1981 a Service of re-hallowing the Chapel was conducted by the then Archbishop of York.

The financial and administrative services for the Charterhouse were taken over by Messrs. Fawley Judge and Easton from the Hull City Council on 1 April 2009.

For a history of the Charterhouse see John Cook's, 'The History of God's House in Hull, commonly called the Charterhouse' and compiled in 1882 located at reference L.361.92.

Includes records relating to the general administration of the Charterhouse, leases, correspondence, papers relating to the Master, staff and residents, papers relating to property owned by the Charterhouse, financial records, etc. A papal bull by Pope Boniface IX giving permission to celebrate Mass and other Holy Offices in the chapels of the hospital is held at C WT/1/1 and a papal bull by Pope Martin V confirming Simon Burton as Master is held at C WT/7/1.