Records relating to freemen and apprentices in Kingston upon Hull


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Related Material:

Lists of Freemen may also be found in:-

The Chamberlains Accounts:-

C BRF/2/344 (1406-1407)

C BRF/2/345 (1409-1416)

C BRF/2/346 (1422-1423)

C BRF/2/347 (1423-1424)

C BRF/2/348 (1424-1425)

C BRF/2/351 (1425-1430)

C BRF/2/362 (1447-1448)

C BRF/2/363 (1448-1449)

C BRF/2/365 (1451-1452)

C BRF/2/366 (1452-1453)

C BRF/2/368 (1456-1457)

C BRF/2/369 (1456-1457)

(Former Stanewell Reference, M479)

The Hull Bench Books

C BRB/1 19V 1451, Mayor Simon Burton

C BRB/1 22V 1452, Mayor John Spencer

C BRB/1 26V 1453, Mayor Richard Anson

C BRE/1/1 General Register/ Bench Book containing copies of deeds and rentals etc

i) List of burgesses dated 1369, probably a list of those alive at that date

ii) List of burgesses admitted; 1371-1439 (ff.228-229; 233; 237; 240-246; 252-258 and 265-267)

C TRE/448, a copy of the Freeman Roll of Kingston upon Hull from 1741, compiled under The Municipal Corporations Act, (5 & 6 Will IV Cap 76).

i)This is a list of persons admitted as freemen from 1741 onwards, arranged in chronological order of initial letter

ii) It uses the symbol ", which indicates a lack of information rather than a repeat from the line above