Hellyer Brothers, Trawler Owners, St. Andrews Dock



Admin History:

The Hellyer family came to Hull from the South coast, originating in Devon. Robert Hellyer moved to Hull from Brixham in the 1850s and by the end of the 1870s he and his sons owned a small fleet of sailing smacks. The Hellyer's fishing company was originally called Devon Fishing Company Ltd and later became Hellyer Brothers Ltd.

During the 1880s the company became involved in the construction of steam trawlers. In 1905 Charles Hellyer decided to build a completely new North Sea boxing fleet of steam trawlers comprising of approximately fifty trawlers.

Hellyer Brothers was absorbed into Associated Fisheries when it merged with the company in 1961. It ceased trading in 1965 and was dissolved in 1972.

Includes records for a number of fishing companies, including Devon Fishing Company Ltd (later Hellyer Brothers), Caledonian Fishing Company Ltd, West Dock Steam Fishing Company Ltd, and Pickering & Haldane's Steam Trawling Company Ltd, etc. Records include staff records, insurance policies, correspondence, minute books, settlement books, and navigation charts.