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Admin History:
Thomas Tindall Wildridge (1858-1928), records clerk, antiquarian, artist and author. Wildridge was born in the St Pauls area of Sculcoates in 1858 to Thomas and Elizabeth Wildridge. His father was a local timber merchant. After attending Hull Grammar School, Thomas Tindall was employed in the Hull Dock Offices, before becoming the Corporation of Hull's first records clerk in 1884. He was to be paid £10 per month, with most of his time to be spent on indexing. Despite delivering some 144 cwt of records for destruction he had managed to catalogue numerous others though. Many of these records were likely to have provided him with information for some of his own works, such as 'The Honorary Freedom of Kingston upon Hull' and 'Holderness and Hullshire Historic Gleanings'. In December 1892, Wildridge submitted a translation of the Edward I Charter. In November 1893 the Corporation gave him three months to complete his work, and by 1894 he had been dismissed. In 1892 Wildridge was the driving force behind the formation of the East Riding Antiquarian Society, which was later 'admitted into union with the Society of Antiquities (of London)'. He later became the honorary librarian of the Municipal Library but failed to get the post of chief librarian of Hull. After retiring, Wildridge moved away from the area and died in 1928 in Waddesdon, near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

C DMT/1 Thomas Tindall Wildridge's notes relating to historical matters, c.late 19th cent.

C DMT/2 Private practice papers of Edward Codd, Solicitor and Town Clerk, 1541-1826

C DMT/3 Draft Bench Books, 1631-1650

C DMT/4 Vouchers to Hull corporation accounts, 1672-1835

C DMT/5 Other Corporation of Hull Records, 1446-1835

C DMT/6 County Records, 1635-1839

C DMT/7 Committee for the defence of the Town, 1803

C DMT/8 Charterhouse, 1807

C DMT/9 Tradesmen's accounts and advertisements, 1796-1903

C DMT/10 Miscellaneous letters, 1858-1877

C DMT/11 Major Turnbull's invitation cards, 1793-1796

C DMT/12 Meetings for the defence of the Town, 1779-1781

C DMT/13 Personal papers and correspondence of T T Wildridge mostly 1876-95 and 1920-27

C DMT/14 Published material collected by T T Wildridge, 1861-1890

C DMT/15 G. Bond as a pupil at Hull Grammar School, 1891

C DMT/16 Maister Papers, 1792-1815

C DMT/17 Sculcoates Overseers, 1734

C DMT/18 Sculcoates Improvement Commissioners, 1829

C DMT/19 Committee for the relief of the poor, 1795

C DMT/20 Election papers, 1819-1910

C DMT/21 Crowles Hospital, 1760-1764

C DMT/22 Portraits, 1774-1905

C DMT/23 Topographical illustrations, 1820-c.1900

C DMT/24 Cartoons, 1879-1884

C DMT/25 St Sepulchres Hospital, Hedon, 1256-1474

C DMT/26 Naval Orphan Fund, 1797-1798

C DMT/27 Programmes, invitation cards etc. 1813-1917

C DMT/28 Hull Merchants Company, 1693-1700

C DMT/29 The Town Council, 1836-1892

C DMT/30 Letters received by Messrs. Newstead and Cooke of Hull, soap makers 1836-1892

C DMT/31 R E Tawney, deceased of Oxford, 1800-1808

C DMT/32 Cogans Charity, 1800-1818

C DMT/33 Listers Hospital, 1797-1810

C DMT/34 Henry Scott, solicitor of 9 Parliament Street, Hull, 1792-1793

C DMT/35 Miscellaneous original documents, 1522-1894

C DMT/36 Manor of Sutton, 1514-1515

C DMT/37 Commissioners of Sewers, 1633-1668

C DMT/38 Deeds of title, 1544-1875

C DMT/39 The Cooper family of Elvington, North Riding of Yorkshire and of Godmanchester, Huntingdonshire, 1879

C DMT/40 Missing as of 16/8/2012

C DMT/41 Drafts for publication by T.T. Wildridge, Late 19th cent-1913

C DMT/42 Transcriptions of Original Documents for the period 1305-1347

C DMT/43 Stamp Duty Stamps, 1722-1853