Trinity House Muster Rolls

12 Oct 1747-30 Sep 1851


The original chronological order of Muster Rolls has been retained. The collection is arranged at item level in a continuous series with the Muster Rolls listed in order from earliest to latest.

C DSTR/1-C DSTR/48 - Fair copy muster rolls in volume format covering period 1747-1834, volumes contain entries covering yearly or two yearly periods. Note that each volume originally contained an index to that volume compiled alphabetically by ship name. Note: indexes have been marked up with corresponding volume reference number and removed for preservation purposes [C DSTR/1-48 Indexes].

C DSTR/49-C DSTR/115 - Fair copy single sheet format files originally strung together, subsequently bound into volumes and then removed from volumes during cleaning work undertaken at Trinity House, covering period 1834-1851. The single sheets are arranged into groups corresponding to port at which the individual Muster Rolls were submitted by shipmasters. These groups are then arranged chronologically by date of receipt of payments made by shipmasters.

Files contain single sheets covering quarterly periods roughly comprising of following periods: 1 Jan-31 Mar; 1 Apr-30 Jun; 1 Jul-30 Sep; 1 Oct-31 Dec.

C DSTR/116-C DSTR/117 - Two volumes containing an alphabetical index of ships recorded in the Muster Rolls. The index volumes cover the periods 1833-1847 and 1847-1851 and appear to have been compiled c.1851.