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Admin History:

The borough of Kingston upon Hull was reformed under the 1835 Municipal Corporations Act. In 1876 the borough was merged with the Kingston upon Hull Board of Health, assuming that body's responsibilities for sanitation, street lighting, paving and cleansing, parks and open spaces, and building control. Under the Boundaries Extension Act of 1882 (45 & 46 Victoria) the area covered by the Newington Board of Health was also brought within the borough. Kingston upon Hull was created a City by Charter of Queen Victoria, 6 July 1897.

The responsibilities of the City were extended by the Education Act of 1902, which transferred the activities of the local School Boards to the corporation. Responsibility for education lasted until 1974. Under the 1929 Local Government Act, the City also became responsible for public assistance, until this was abolished in 1948. The 1939-45 War also resulted in the City council acquiring additional responsibilities.

The 1972 Local Government Act created the County of Humberside, and Kingston upon Hull ceased to be a county of itself, becoming a second tier authority as a borough from 1 April 1974. It was restored to the title of City in 1975.

The Humberside (Structural Change) Order 1995, operative under the Local Government Act 1992, abolished the County of Humberside and created a county of the City of Kingston upon Hull, effective as a unitary authority from 1 April 1996.