Hull Corporation Joint Committees with other organisations



Admin History:
Hull Corporation, and its successor bodies, has had on many occasions worked with bodies, groups and organisations in order to develop services or achieve desired outcomes. These records relate to some of those joint committees. For the historical background to each of these committees, please see the entry for each joint committee.

Records including minutes, correspondence, memos and reports for the following joint committees:-

C TCK/1 Hull Transport Co-ordination Committee 1934-1964

C TCK/2 Hull Education Joint Advisory Committee 1945-1955

C TCK/3 Hull Horticultural Committee 1940-1941

C TCK/4 North Hull Community Centre Committee of Management 1949-1970

C TCK/5 Kingston-upon-Hull Youth Committee 1946-1970

C TCK/6 Youth Employment Committee 1949-1970

C TCK/7 Hull Railway Rates (Joint sub) Committee 1881-1882

C TCK/8 Hull School Canteen Committee 1907-1908

C TCK/9 Joint Committee relating to representation on the Sculcoates Board of Guardians and Sculcoates Rural District 1894-1928

C TCK/10 The Hull Innovation Centre Joint Working Party 1980-1981

C TCK/11 Kingston-upon-Hull District Joint Committee 1972-1973

C TCK/12 Hull City Council Joint Committee on the 350th Anniversary of the Closing of Beverley Gate to King Charles I 1987-1990

C TCK/13 Hull Coal Supplies Joint Committee 1918

C TCK/14 Hull Local Food Control Joint Committee 1918