ARP/CD Control and report services 1940-45



Admin History:
The Control and Report services had many duties but their main function was to receive and co-ordinate information relating to enemy action received from wardens, police and other services; to despatch casualty and other services to incidents; and to keep Group & Regional Headquarters informed of operations and damage to special premises, road blockages and other matters affecting the movement of Civil Defence parties and troops.
This collection holds incident files containing copies of all messages, reports and correspondence received with reference to each incident; an alphabetical index of streets showing the date and raid numbers which affected them; a register of air raid warnings showing times of warnings and all clear and notification of both to Public Cleansing, City Engineers, Broadcast Relay, Chief Warden and the Town Clerk; a register of reports of unexploded bombs, unexploded parachute mines and unexploded anti-aircraft shells; a register of messages received from the Royal Observer Corps of York relating to alarm tests and warnings with details of the duration of industrial alarms; a file of reports on unexploded bombs [1942-1946] and Alderman L. Schultz' personal files [2 files, 1941-1942]