Items relating to Hull Screen formerly the Hull Film Theatre



Admin History:

Opening to the public in January 1969, the Hull Film Theatre was situated in the Hull Central Library, Albion Street. With 250 seats the theatre intially showed the best of world cinema on Thursday and Friday evenings. By the mid-1980s The Theatre screened specialist and international films as well as mainstream films. It was also known as the Library Theatre with performances advertsised as being at The Library Theatre or Hull Library Theatre. See L DTHS/4.

It moved when the Central Library was refurbished with its location becoming what is now the Children's Library. In 1994 it was renamed Hull Screen before eventually closing in 2006. It relocated to the University of Lincoln on Hull's George Street where it reamained for 5 years, before again relocating, this time to the independent cinema, Reel Cinema in Hull's St. Stephen's before eventually closing in 2014.


L DTHS/1 is made up of programmes, quarterly and bi-monthly programmes, which are available for almost all years. Earlier years, 1969 to the early-1980s include programmes for individual performances. It is not clear whether individual performance programmes continued to be produced after the early-1980s. Currently there are no programmes held beyond 2006. L DTHS/2 are miscellaneous items relating to the Hull Screen. L DTHS/3 are posters and bills. L DTHS/4 covers performamces advertised under The Library Theatre or Hull Library Theatre.

Formerly held at library reference L.791.4.