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What became the Spring Street Theatre opened in 1970. Originally the the Hull Arts Centre it was renamed Humberside Theatre from April 1974. It was eventually renamed Spring Street Theatre in 1983. In 1983 the Hull Truck Company (established in 1972) took the premises and gave the theatre their name - the Hull Truck Theatre.

Originally seating for 200, it was later extended to 282 in single tiers on the three sides of the stage. It comprised of an agglomeration of buildings based around the former Methodist Hall which occupied the area.

The iconic blue-brick theatre remained until November 2011 when it was finally demolished. The Hull Truck Theatre as it had became known since 1983 relocated to Ferensway as a part of the St. Stephen's development with its first performance on 25 April 2009.


Programmes, posters play bills, reviews and miscellaneous corrspondence. Note from the 1980s it is mainly programmes, play bills, posters and related material.

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