Winifred Holtby Collection



Admin History:
Winifred Holtby: 1898-1935. Author of several novels, including 'South Riding' Winifred Holtby was famous as both a journalist & novelist throughout the 1920's & 1930's. In addition to her published works & Biographies, Hull Local Studies Library houses a collection of thousands of items which form the largest collection of original material on Winifred Holtby in public ownership in the world. A substantial collection, reflecting her personal life & her involvement in politics, feminism & South African civil rights, as well as showing the path of her literary & journalistic career.
The types of item included in this collection are as varied as that which they illustrate, the collection includes, letters, manuscripts, newscuttings, video & audio recordings, photographs, advertising material, books paintings and even a tablecloth. (The list is by no means exhaustive). The collection has been catalogued and divided into 13 individual subgroups & within these, further series & sub series in an attempt to put some kind of order to the items.