Records of Frederick William Dalley


Related Material

Related Material:

South East Asian material:

Papers of Dr David Kenneth [U DBA]

Papers of Dr Geoffrey Marrison [U DGM]

Papers of Professor Mervyn Aubrey Jaspan [U DJA]

Papers of Reverend Dr Harry Parkin [U DPN]

Artifical collection of South East Asian manuscripts [U DSE]

Trade Unionism:

Papers of J. Henry Lloyd [U DHL]

Papers of Jock Haston [U DJH]

From the papers of Tony Topham [U DTO/10]

Travel/Country Files:

From the papers of Justice [U DJU/11]

From the papers of Sir Patrick Wall [U DPW/64, U DPW/55]

From the papers of Lord Charles George Ammon [U DMN/8]

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