Papers of the Constable Maxwell Family of Everingham, Caerlaverock and Terregles (including the Haggerston and Sherburne Families)


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Related Material:

From the Papers of the Stapleton Family [U DDCA/33/28; U DDCA(2)/4/40; U DDCA(2)/15/13]

From the Papers of Crust Todd and Mills Solicitors [U DDCV/4/2, 4; U DDCV/165/1; U DDHA/3/1]

From the Papers of the Langdale Family [U DDHA/4; U DDHA/12/2; U DDHA/15/6-7; U DDHA/16/5; U DDHA/18/12, 33-34, 52-59; U DDHA/19/1]

From the Papers of the Langdale Family [U DDLA/12/4, 24; U DDLA/18/1; U DDLA/22/131-136, 141, 144-146, 148; U DDLA/26/19; U DDLA/33/38; U DDLA/36/23-24]

From the Papers of the St Quintin Family [U DDSQ/15/1]

From the Papers of the Sykes Family of Sledmere [U DDSY/62/169-174]

Miscellaneous Title Deeds [U DX100]

Other repositories:

Papers of the Barons Herries of Terregles, Traquair House, Peebleshire

Papers of the Fitzalan-Howard family, Dukes of Norfolk, Arundel Castle

Arundel Castle manuscripts [ACM], Sheffield Archives

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