Papers of the Hotham Family of Scorborough and South Dalton


Related Material

Related Material:

Hotham Family Estate Papers [U DP/18-22]

Order of Exchange, by Inclosure Commissioners, between Beaumont, Lord Hotham and Sir Francis Digby Legard [U DP/106]

From the Papers of the Bosville-Macdonald Family [U DDBM/32/1-2]

From the Papers of the Burton Family [U DDCB/12/8-9]

From the Papers of Crust Todd and Mills Solicitors [U DDCV/79/1]

From the Papers of the Bishop Burton Estates of the Gee and Hall-Watt Families [U DDGE/3/39; U DDGE/6/22, 26-29, 59-60]

From the Papers of the Langdale Family [U DDHA/5/2]

From the Papers of the Langdale Family [U DDLA/19/7]

From the Papers relating to the East Riding of Yorkshire collected by Sir Clive Milnes-Coates of Helperby Hall [U DDMC/18/3]

From the Papers of Kenneth A MacMahon [U DDMM/16/1]

Other repositories:

John Hotham (1632-1689) - Portland papers, Bodleian Library, University of Oxford

William Hotham (1736-1813) - correspondence at National Maritime Museum (Caird Library, Manuscripts Section), Gloucestershire Archives and The National Archives

Beaumont Hotham (1737-1815) - letters to the 3rd Duke of Portland [PWF5203-5485], Nottingham University Library, Department of Manuscripts and Special Collections; letters to Lord Auckland [Add MSS 34412-60], British Library Department of Manuscripts

George Hotham (younger brother of the 8th, 9th, 11th and 12th baronet, 1741-1806) - correspondence at Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies and British Library Department of Manuscripts

Henry Hotham (1777-1833) - correspondence at the National Archives of Scotland, National Library of Scotland, and National Maritime Museum (Caird Library, Manuscripts Section)

Beaumont Hotham (1794-1870) - correspondence with Sir Robert Peel [Add MSS 40367-605], British Library Department of Manuscripts

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