Records of the East Yorkshire Action Group



Admin History:
The East Yorkshire Action Group (EYAG) was formed in 1974, in response to the creation of the County of Humberside earlier the same year. Humberside was created by abolishing the County of East Riding of Yorkshire and merging it with part of the County of Lincolnshire. The new county spanned the Humber Estuary and was run by Humberside County Council (HCC). The EYAG focused on the return of the East Riding of Yorkshire and the abolition of Humberside, which they believed did not recognise the cultural, social and economic differences between the opposite banks of the Humber. Richard Wilson was a primary campaigner with the EYAG movement which eventually helped force the abolition of Humberside in 1995.

The collection primarily includes materials relating to the East Yorkshire Action Group (EYAG) campaign to abolish Humberside between 1981 and 1994. It includes letters, submissions and correspondence written by both Richard Wilson and EYAG Chairman Trevor Pearson, to numerous public figures including David Davis MP, James Cran MP, Michael Portillo MP and Michael Heseltine MP. Also included are various drafts, reports, papers, speeches, memoranda and notes from the EYAG written to, and concerning, a diverse range of civil organisations involved in the Humberside debate. These include the Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBC), Humberside County Council (HCC), Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) and Glanford Borough Council. A smaller section of material contains documents relating to a perceived decline in the Beverley and District Civic Society. There are also many EYAG campaign materials (such as petitions and bumper stickers) and a large amount of related press cuttings, articles, adverts and pictures compiled by Richard Wilson to demonstrate regional support for the abolition of Humberside.

U DEY/2 contains publications relating to the work of the LGBC. This includes reports and reviews by the LGBC with regards to research into the revision of the boundaries of Humberside, as well as subsequent reports, reviews and comments on these findings and proposals by numerous organisations, including the EYAG, HCC and LCC.

U DEY/3 contains various publications relating to the Humberside debate, including various magazines, booklets and articles; studies on housing and industrial land availability around Hull and Beverley as well as statistical and financial reports produced by HCC, LCC and other bodies relating to the economic viability of Humberside.