Records of the Head Office of the Mission to Seafarers (formerly known as the Missions to Seamen)



Please note that a small amount of material was previously available and catalogued under the following arrangement:

U DMS/1 - National, 1856-1959

U DMS/2 - Regional, 1825-1954

U DMS/3 - Overseas, 1909-1961

U DMS/4 - Miscellaneous, 1928-1965

Upon receipt of the main collection, the decision was taken to recatalogue. The reference numbers of any previously catalogued records have been captured and recorded at individual item level description. The following represents the new catalogue structure:

U DMS/1 - Council and Committee Minutes

U DMS/2 - Annual Reports and Accounts

U DMS/3 - Letter Books

U DMS/4 - Executive Officers Subject Files

U DMS/5 - Tours Files

U DMS/6 - Conference Files

U DMS/7 - John Ashley Committee Files

U DMS/8 - Lightships & Lighthouses Committee Files

U DMS/9 - Personnel Files

U DMS/10 - Parish Link Files

U DMS/11 - Port Files (Home and International)

U DMS/12 - Country and Region Files

U DMS/13 - Publications

U DMS/14 - Orders of Service

U DMS/15 - Press Cuttings and Year Books

U DMS/16 - Audio Visual and Photographic Material

U DMS/17 - Log Books

U DMS/18 - Memorial and Visitors Books

U DMS/19 - Objects

U DMS/20 - Donated Individuals' Records

U DMS/21 - Donated Branch Records

U DMS/22 - Associated Organisations' Records

U DMS/23 - Dunkirk War Memorial Trust Limited

U DMS/24 - Missions to Seamen Trust Corporation Limited