Papers of Alan Plater



U DPR/1 Works for radio by Alan Plater

U DPR/2 Works for theatre by Alan Plater

U DPR/3 Works for television by Alan Plater: original plays and series

U DPR/4 Works for television by Alan Plater: series contributions, dramatisations, etc.

U DPR/5 Feature films involving Alan Plater

U DPR/6 Novelizations

U DPR/7 Other work and unfinished projects by Alan Plater

U DPR/8 Notebooks and address books

U DPR/9 Articles and press cuttings

U DPR/10 Programmes and production memorabilia

U DPR/11 Correspondence

U DPR/12 Photographs

U DPR/13 Video Recordings

U DPR/14 Audio Recordings

U DPR/15 Readings, Festivals and Workshops

U DPR/16 Architectural work

U DPR/17 Personal papers