Records of Hull Fabian Society

1943 - 1948


Admin History:
The Fabian Society was established in 1884 as a socialist society committed to gradual social reform rather than revolution. Amongst its early leaders were George Bernard Shaw and Sidney and Beatrice Webb. The Society joined with the trade union movement to found the Labour Party in 1900. It remains an influential left of centre think tank. A branch was established in Hull in November 1943, with 16 members, including Commander Harry Pursey (elected as Labour MP for Hull East in 1945), and a committee chaired by local businessman Alec Horsley. Its main activities included organising public meetings, 'Brains Trusts' and film shows, as well as providing practical help to local Labour parties and their candidates during elections.
These local records document the activities of the Society during the 1940s and comprise annual reports, notices of meetings and lists of members and subscribers. The correspondence includes single letters from Aneurin Bevan MP, Edith Summerskill and Herbert Morrison.