Papers of the Town Council for Beverley Campaign Group



Admin History:
Following the abolition of Humberside during the local authority reorganisation, and subsequent proposals to create a Unitary Authority for East Riding and Goole in April 1996, a group of Beverley residents formed a campaign group. The group's objective was to fight for the establishment of a town council for Beverley in order that the town did not lose its ancient customs and traditions, including the right to have a mayor. The group consisted of Kate Gray, Pauline Broadley, Harry Flynn, Bill Gray, David Horsley, Shiela Moss and Dennis Parker. The campaign involved much letter writing and support garnering, a referendum of local residents, and a petition to parliament. After a number of years of campaigning, parish council status was granted in March 1998 and elections for the new Beverley Town Council were held in May 1999. The group's success ensured that the historic office of Mayor of Beverley survived.
Files of correspondence, reports, copy petition, referendum papers, notesbooks, etc relating to a campaign started by a group of residents for the creation of a town council for Beverley