Stevie Smith Collection


Related Material

Related Material:

Papers of Florence Margaret 'Stevie' Smith, c.1935-c.1969 [U DP156]

Stevie Smith Papers [U DP209]

Letters from Philip Larkin and Stevie Smith to Anthony and Anne Thwaite, with related material, 1955-1983 [U DP214]

Letters from Stevie Smith to Ladislav Horvat, 1957 [U DP/197]

Papers of Howard Sergeant, including the Archives of 'Outposts' poetry magazine, c.1930-1995 [U DSG]

Papers of Jean Hartley, 1916-1992 [U DJE]

Papers of Philip Arthur Larkin, 1816-1992 [U DPL]

Papers of Professor Peter Dickinson relating to his work on 'Larkin's Jazz', 1981-2009 [U DX343]

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