Baths and Washhouses and the Baths Committees



Admin History:
The first Baths and Washhouses Committee was established around 1845, although its functions were not fully defined until 1875-1876. These were identified as: the management and control of the baths and washhouses; appoint and dismiss officers and servants and to fix and regulate wages and allowances. Two years later saw the addition of swimming baths to their remit. The committee was to report back on the establishment, construction and regulation of council swimming baths as well. From 1902-1903 it was renamed the Baths Committee. Between 1905-1906 and 1938-1939 these powers were redefined in line with legislation and local bye-laws although without significant alteration to the committee's function. In 1973 the committee was disbanded and the administration of baths became part of Recreational Services Committee
Committee report