Baths and Washhouses and the Baths Committees


Related Material

Related Material:
Other records relating to the baths and washhouses can be found through our online and card index catalogues. For example, articles in the local press and various council publications can be found at L.352 and L.9.5. Plans for baths and washhouses may be found at: C TAA/167 and C TSC/50 (Albert Avenue); C TAA/168 and C TSC/48 (Beverley Road); C TSC/52 (East Hull, Holderness Road); C TSC/49 (East Park Lido); C TAA/189 and C TSC/51 (Madeley Street); C TSC/46 (Hessle Road washhouse) and C TSC/53 (St. Paul's Street Washhouse). Photographs of St. Paul's washhouse can be found within the C TSP collection, please see the searchroom street index for more details. For annual accounts after 1856 please see reference L.352.1 or C TMY/2/1.