Records of the Co-operative Women's Guild (Hull Newland Branch)



Collection is arranged as follows:

U DCWH/1 Minutes, 1993-2015

U DCWH/2 Accounts, 1975-2006

U DCWH/3 Correspondence, 1977-2006

U DCWH/4 Photographs, 1940s-2000s

U DCWH/5 Song Books, 20th cent.

U DCWH/6 Rules, 1959-2014

U DCWH/7 Press Cuttings, 1964-2000

U DCWH/8 Membership Records, 1945-2000

U DCWH/9 Subject Files, 1976-2015

U DCWH/10 Congress Papers, 1985-2016

U DCWH/11 Objects, 1947-2016