Records of the Co-operative Women's Guild (Hull Newland Branch)



Admin History:
The Newland Branch of the Co-operative Women's Guild was established in the 1940s, following the inability of an existing North Hull Branch to cope with increasing membership. The branch held regular meetings at which members subscription fees were collected and the work of the branch was discussed. During the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s meetings were held at the Railway Institute, Anlaby Road, Hull. The branch's work echoed that of the national Co-operative Women's Guild. It involved the organisation of various events to raise money for charities, the participation by branch members in weekend schools held at Scarborough and Wortley Hall near Sheffield, and the arrangement of annual branch birthday teas and Christmas lunchs. Notable presidents of the branch have included Mrs Clarice Scruton, a long-standing member of the Guild and former Yorkshire District Secretary, who was involved in the 1970 Co-operative Women's Guild protest march against price rises under Heath's Conservative Government, and who in the 1990s became the longest serving member of the Labour Party. The 2011/2012 National President of the Co-operative Women's Guild Mrs Lyn Longbottom also served as Vice-President and President of the Newland Branch during the 1990s and 2000s. The Co-operative Women's Guild was dissolved in 2016, at which time the Newland Branch closed.
Contains the records of the Hull Newland Branch of the Co-operative Women's Guild. The collection contains the following: minutes of the meetings of the branch held between 1993-2015 [U DCWH/1]; financial papers including cash books, subscription lists, income and expenditure statements, receipts and invoices 1975-2006 [U DCWH/2]; correspondence of the secretary/treasurer of the branch 1977-2006 [U DCWH/3]; photographs of branch meetings, branch outings, Yorkshire District weekend schools, including photographs of former branch Vice President and President and secretary of the Yorkshire District Mrs Clarice Scruton, and also of 2011-2012 National President Lyn Longbottom during her vice presidency and presidency of the Newland Branch, also includes photographs of the 1970 Co-operative Women's Guild Protest March to 10 Downing Street 1940s-2000s [U DCWH/4]; songbooks of the National Co-operative Women's Guild produced in the 20th century [U DCWH/5]; rules of the National Co-operative Women's Guild issued between 1959 and 2014 [U DCWH/6]; press cuttings of articles relating to the branch members and events 1964-2000 [U DCWH/7]; records relating to membership of the branch including membership lists and cards 1945-2005 [U DCWH/8]; subject files relating to the branch and its work including files on Mrs Clarice Scruton, and the history of the organisation [U DCWH/9]; records relating to annual National congresses and meetings in the years 1985-2016 [U DCWH/10]; and objects including chains office and pin badges 1947-2016 [U DCWH/11].