Records of Chris Mullin MP



U DMU/1 Journalism

U DMU/2 Writing and Authorship

U DMU/3 Committee Membership

U DMU/4 Ministerial Roles

U DMU/5 Miscarriages of Justice Campaigning

U DMU/6 Parliamentary Work

U DMU/7 Elections and Constituency Work

Please note: Cataloguing work on this collection was completed in August 2016. The collection required some recataloguing. However, previous reference numbers can be found at the end of individual descriptions. The decision to re-catalogue was taken to provide clearer descriptions and a more logical structure making the collection more accessible and easier to use, and to enable the incorporation of further accessions of material received in 2010, 2011 and 2014. Structure was discussed with the depositor, who agreed it was an accurate reflection of the order/spheres covered by his papers.

Former Title: Papers of Chris Mullin MP Relating to Miscarriages of Justice, 1974-2002

Former Arrangement:

U DX185/1 Birmingham Six

U DX185/2 Guildford Four and Maguire Seven

U DX185/3 Carl Bridgewater

U DX185/4 Judith Ward