Records of Chris Mullin MP


Related Material

Related Material:

Papers relating to HASC can also be found in:

Volume. Evidence by the ACPO to the Home Affairs Select Committee on Complaints Against the Police [U DPO/11/1/47]

Booklet. Practical Police Co-operation in the EU Community - Written Evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee [U DPO/11/2/22]

File. Freemasonry in the Police, 1995-1998 [U DPO/4/1/6/16]

Home Affairs Select Committee Enquiry into Domestic Violence. Parity Submission. Dewar Research Submission [U DPY/4/9/2]

Papers relating to the Tribune can also be found in:

Subject file. Tribune [U DMW/1445]

Letter re Tribune from Stevie Smith to Daniel George [U DP156/2]

Letter Michael Foot as editor of Tribune [U DPB/15/1/4]

Subject File: Tribune [U DPM/1/34]

Correspondence with Douglas Hill, Literary Editor, Tribune [U DSG/1/18/1]

File including correspondence with Tribune [U DTO/6/51]

File. 'Tribune and Union Voice articles- correspondence and Labour Worker and The Week' [U DTO/7/5]

Letter re editorship of Tribune [U DWH/3/18]

Photocopy of Article 'Franklin Thomasson and the Tribune' [U DX163/2]

Papers relating to miscarriages of justice can also be found in:

Papers of Christopher Price MP [U DMP];

Papers of Liberty [U DCL];

File containing photographs of members of the Birmingham Six, Judith Ward, 'Free the Bridgewater Four campaign' and Chris Mullin [U DCL/1046]

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