Hull Theatre programmes



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The earliest records of theatres in Hull date from the 1760s, although there was a theatre on Lowgate in the early eighteenth century. In 1768, a New Theatre was built, which became the Theatre Royal, a name which was to be passed on to a whole series of theatres in Hull, until the beginning of the twentieth century. The current New Theatre originates from the Little Theatre, which was run from the Lecture Hall in Kingston Square. The Little Theatre Company bought the Hall in 1930. They then acquired the Assembly Rooms in 1939, which were then converted to the New Theatre. The Theatre was bought by a London company in 1951, and was sold to the Corporation in 1961. A brief history of other Hull Theatres can be found in the Searchroom 'Useful Information' file.
This collection includes runs of programmes for the following theatres: Hull Repertory Theatre (1928-1933), The Little Theatre (1933-1939), Hull New Theatre (1939-1947), Hull Palace (1930), Playgoers' Theatre (1930-1933), and Alexandra Theatre (1932-1934).